Gone.Eating Moscow – Beggars Banquet

The final article in Gone.Eating Moscow series focuses on places where you can get a more than a decent meal for just a fistful of roubles.

Gorky Park Hot Dog – Quick Bite between Activities

Follow the Moskva, down to Gorky Park… and have a hot dog. Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is true to its name. In the summer it offers such a variety of fun activities that we were going there every day for a week and still felt there are many more things to explore.

Activities range from sports (table tennis, petanque, beach volley, skating, scooter and skateboard park) to complete relaxation (renting a pedal or rowing boat on the Swan Lake, taking a free dancing lesson, open air cinema, chilling on the grass, free yoga classes).

Art lovers will find it a paradise enjoying the famous MUZEON and the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Since 2011, throughout June, July and August, visitors of the park can immerse into art literally – by participating in a monumental project YES by Urs Fischer. Get a piece of clay (500 tons available!) and let your imagination loose.

All of these activities will make you ravenous – we suggest doing what the locals do, grab a quick bite. There are numerous ice-cream and hot-dog stalls offering three varieties of the snack: classic, Russian (with sauerkraut) and Japanese (with algae). Try them all!

BB & Burgers – Don’t Worry, BBB Happy

If you think a good burger is hard to find – look no further. BB&B is a joint that offers everything you would expect from a burger – top quality meat, made from Russian Black Angus beef; white, whole grain or black buns; draught Russian beer. Bring it on!

There are a couple of interesting items on the menu, such as Drunken Granny burger (garlic, rosemary, gorgonzola, cranberry jam), Al Pacino (mozzarella, Iceberg lettuce, pesto) or my favourite, Chicago (sweet pepper mix, jalapeno, cheddar, tomato, secret sauce). All burgers R380.

Tip: Why not make it a double-trouble and order an extra burger for just R150.

Chinese Pilot Jao Da – Fly Away into the Night

Китайский Летчик Джао Да is one of those places you either fall in love with at the first instant or you make 180 at the entrance and never look back. It’s a shabby underground place soaked in good vibes that have been permeating it for the last 16 years.

Great place to come to after an afternoon stroll around the (in)famous Lubyanka – KGB/FSB headquarters – for a snack and chill before the music starts. Live bands play almost every evening and it gets crowded quickly. A galore of jostling, dancing, laughing, singing, spilling drinks and general messing around. If you come on your birthday, you’ll even get a 20% discount. Not for the meek of the heart!

MuMu – Dare to taste Russian fast food

They say that MuMu Cafe is kind of like Russian McDonald’s. We say McDonald’s can go and hide in the face of MuMu.

First of all, let’s start by saying that we’re not big fans of McD to start with (well, at least one half of us isn’t), and fast food in general. Which is so great about the MuMu concept – it’s not fast food at all. It would be much more accurate to describe it as a selection (super wide one for that fact) of traditional, Russian dishes. This includes everything from Borsch to Pelmeni to meatballs to buckwheat to the famous “Russian” salad – salad Olivier.

What is really great about the MuMu concept is that, while dishes are ready-made, which means they were prepared sometime earlier, the volume of people that go through these restaurants on a daily basis is enormous, which leaves you with a pretty good chance of actually having a fresh, “homemade” meal. With the prices being as low as they are (15 eur for a lunch for two) they can certainly justify the quantity, but the quality as well.

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