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If you’re looking for places to spend your hard earned cash, spend a spectacular evening on a rooftop and/or impress a significant other, look no further! We bring you a selection that will leave no wallet full, no eye indifferent and no heart cold.

Bon Apetit and Zdravstvuyte!

Sixty – Being Posh High Up In the Sky

Just like the restaurant’s website introduces it, “The Sixty restaurant is unique primarily because of its location”. When you exit the elevator at the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower in the heart of Moscow City, the views will guaranteed leave you breathless. If you’re there at sunset, even more so. Europe’s highest restaurant is truly an experience, though most probably just once in a lifetime one (at least for us).

If you set aside the prices, which are in line with the altitude and the crowd that visits this restaurant, I prefer to pay a lot of money for the food rather than the views or to see and be seen. Don’t get me wrong, the food in Sixty is yummy, but not out of this world. I have to make an exception here and mention the Sturgeon with smoked mashed kale turnip and green onions in miso sauce which was spectacular. However, mixed with the terrible service we received (waiter mixing up orders, forgetting which wine we ordered, not knowing how to clean one of the fish we ordered etc) I have to admit I left Sixty a bit underwhelmed.

So if you’re ever in Moscow and looking for a spectacular place to have a cocktail or glass of wine and something to nibble along with it, I would definitely recommend Sixty. Especially because the restaurant turns into a club after 10 pm and is a really unique space to club in (if your wallet is thick enough).  If you are looking for a true foodie experience and are looking to splurge your hard earned cash on then there’s maybe other options to consider. One of them mentioned below :).

Karlsson – Propelled by an Excellent Menu

Even though Karlsson is another one of the premium restaurants developed by the Ginza Project (after a week in Moscow, it felt like almost everything is somehow related to Ginza) it does not feel mass manufactured at all. Actually, just like the fictional book character it was named after this restaurant is cozy, quirky and spectacular at once.

We couldn’t help but compare Karlsson to the abovementioned Sixty – both on rooftops with spectacular Moscow views, both menus developed by renowned chefs, Karlsson was everything that Sixty wasn’t. Calm, cozy, relaxed, with excellent service and attention to detail.

When it comes to food, I’m not certain if because of the relaxed atmosphere or the lower expectations, but everything we had was really, really good. We again went with a mostly fish menu, ranging from assorted fish sashimi to cod with caramelized carrots and everything was truly delish. Throw in the homemade bread, the yummy grilled veggies and tasty lemonades, all you need for a relaxed weekend lunch was there. Plus the views.

Bison Steakhouse – Serious Meat Business

The secret to a happy life is not to take anything too seriously. Except steaks. You can never take them seriously enough. The guys at Bison are well aware of this and you will recognize it from the involuntary cringe on a waiters face whenever someone orders a “well done”. The horror…

Everything in Bison is focused on providing you the finest meat experience there is. Dimly lit interior, table privacy, quiet music, warm colours… all making you very cosy without distracting attention from the real star of the evening.

Educated waiters enjoy presenting all the available steaks from a “meat card” – a trolley display with beautiful cuts. Do not even bother reading the menu – make it a love at first sight experience. The waiter will give you more details about each steak, from the country of origin to the breed of cattle. We tried Black Angus rib eyes from Chile and Uruguay, but my favourite was Russo rib eye – the finest marbling I have seen in a long time, superb taste, just melting like butter when pressed against the palate. Price? Fair price for a fair steak, c.R2500 for a 300g piece of happiness.

Red meat goes hand in hand with full bodied red wine. Bison boasts a wide selection of noble drops from both the Old and the New World. Your taste buds will take days to calm down, even after the meat sweats have passed.

White Sun of the Desert – Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Named after a Russian blockbuster classic from 1970, “White Sun of the Desert” is a gastronomic excursion along the Caspian sea that reflects the adventures of the fictional Red Army soldier Fyodor Sukhov as he guarded a harem in the region. Since the film is a classic masterpiece, we figured if the food in this restaurant followed its course, it is due to be a success.

Based on Uzbek and Azerbaijani cuisine, with a mix of Arab and Pan-Asian dishes, the biggest problem you’ll have is determining the region you want to go with! However, since the staple dishes are Uzbek, we went with that, added a bit of Arab mezze starters and a mix of desserts after which there was barely room to breathe.

Bellydancers also come as a dessert in this elaborately decorated restaurant, so you truly have a feeling you’ve walked onto a movie set. Or into a desert oasis 🙂

Ararat – Armenian Flagship

Taking a simple stroll around the Moscow expo area can be exhausting. Filled with what feels like endless pavilions representing each of the former USSR states, housing the Polytechnic and the Museum of Space Travel and Technology, the area can take a whole day to explore and is bound to leave your feet sore and stomach craving for something yummy.

Ararat, an Armenian restaurant conveniently situated in the Armenian pavilion is a place where you can rest your feet and satisfy your stomach. One of the perks of visiting the capital of the country with the largest area in the world is tasting all of the different cuisines it has to offer. And while Armenia is no longer part of Russia, it did leave a trace on the cuisine. Similar to the other cuisines of the Caucasus region, Armenian cuisine is mix of the continent with Turkish and Middle-Eastern influences. This means a lot of vegetables (raw and pickled), a lot of fermented milk variations, a lot of grains and a lot of lamb, none of which I can argue with.Though on the more expensive spectrum, just like it’s “brother” by cuisine, the White Sun of the Desert, a highly recommended venue if you also like all of the above.

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