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Boston Seafood and Bar – A Shrimp Delicacy!

A gastronomic visit to Moscow is a visit to Russia’s vast geographic and cultural variety. Add to the mix a bit of international flare, and what you get is Boston Seafood and Bar.

Specializing in shrimp and crab dishes, sourced from the plentiful Sea of Okhotsk and the Eastern Pacific Boston adds the international cuisine twist to their menu. Therefore, choosing between Spicy Cajun based on New Orleans cuisine, Black Peppered Singapore Style, Tempura Shrimp or a Classic Mediterranean twist can be a daunting task. Throw in a platter of smoked and plain shrimps on ice with a variety of dips and you’re already in trouble. And this is just the shrimp menu I’m talking about!

Although we’ve only tried the shrimp dishes, I’m certain that the crab menu is equally delicious and will warrant another visit on a next Moscow trip. With the prices being as reasonable as they come in Moscow (10 EUR per dish), this is a place to truly indulge!

Yakitoriya – Playing it Safe

When we first checked the menu at Yakitoriya we instinctively looked at the exit because it looks like a Cooking 101 textbook in Japan. It seems to be going on forever, like a War and Peace of restaurant menus, focusing on Asian dishes, but also featuring pizza, lasagne, burgers, BBQ, Mexican… Can a menu so wide be any good?
But since we were in the mood for Sushi and the prices attached to mouth watering pictures of a plethora of Sushi were more than decent we decided to give it a try. And did not regret.

Miso soup was decent, but lacking more wakame. However, the sushi was above standard. We ordered a Dragon (smoked eel, avocado, cream cheese, tempura, masago, Unagi sauce), Bali maki (tiger prawns in rice breading, grilled salmon, Thai mango, tobiko, Unagi sauce) and Salmon de luxe (salmon, avocado, cream cheese, sesame, spicy sauce, sea scallop, smoked eel, chicken fillet, tuna, prawns with avocado, crab meat, tobiko, red caviar, cucumber).

Had it not been for so much cream cheese (very heavy and suffocating all the other tastes) in the rolls, it would have been much better.

Nice interior, professional staff, quick service, fresh ingredients, affordable prices. Fine dining of fast food restaurants.

Saperavi Cafe – A taste of Georgia

While preparing our gastro tour of Moscow, we heard numerous times that we HAVE to try Georgian food. Seeing that this Georgian gem was right in front of our apartment, there was absolutely no excuse not to visit.

Even though we did not try the famous Khinkali, Georgian dumplings, we did not leave unsatisfied. Starting of with a beef brisket soup followed by a veal shashlik and Chashushuli – braised veal stew with vegetables, accompanied by some really great homemade bread from their bakery, there was no room left for an elaborate dessert. Hence ended our visit to Georgia in traditional Georgian style – with a cup of tea plus some candied fruits to sweeten things up after all.

True Cost – Get What You Paid For

True Cost is based around a disruptive concept of paying a “true cost” of the items from the menu without excessive margins based on the supply and demand rule. Actually, in the long run, they plan to increase the demand by adapting this strategy, and I must say they are doing a great job.

So the rules are – you pay the entrance fee (R150 during the week, R500 on weekends and evenings) and you get access to a hip club with more than decent food at bargain prices. For instance, 460g of grilled chicken wings with blue cheese sauce cost R140, whereas you would normally pay R520 in similar Moscow restaurants.

Delicious Black Angus fillet mignon will set you back R295 per 100g, whereas you would pay more than R620 in other restos. You  get the point.

Drinks follow the same logic as well, so it’s best to stay a while. There is a live band or DJ on weekends when the place is open to 6am. Although the club is spacious and can accommodate many, reservations are advised.

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